You Won't Believe These Top 10 Benefits Of Krill Oil

When it comes to the benefits of omega 3 how does fish oil compare to krill oil?

krill oil vs. fish oil health benefits omega 3


Short Answer: Yes krill oil has a few more health benefits, but both could benefit your health.

Krill oil is produced using krill fish, a sort of little crustacean devoured by penguins, whales and some other animals in the marine habitat.


Are Krill Oil And Fish Oil Good For You?

Both Krill and fish are rich in marine n-3 unsaturated fats and a few examinations have researched there health impacts. Krill oil supplements are quickly picking up prominence as a choice to the normal oil obtained from fishes.

Krill oil vs fish oil is a common argument. Just as in fish oil, wild antarctic red krill fish oil is rich in Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic corrosive (DHA), which are a kind of omega-3 fatty acids that is only obtainable from marine sources. They have significant importance in the body and are connected to the wellbeing of an individual. krill-oil-benefits1krill-oil-benefits2

Along these lines, it's a smart thought to take a supplement that contains DHA and EPA even if you don't take the suggested eight ounces of seafood for each week.


Krill Fish Oil Vs. Fish Oil: Is Krill Oil Better Than Fish Oil?

krill oil vs fish oil


Lets see how krill oil stacks up against fish oil

As both are great additions to your daily omega 3 intake, wild antarctic red krill fish oil may have a few more health benefits than fish oil.

The battle between these two health giants may be settled in the form of fatty acids and how they are absorbed by the body.

Fish oil has healthy fats in the form of triglycerides while wild antarctic red krill fish oil takes the form of phospholipids which are more easily absorbed by the body.

A 72 hour study observed participants who either took fish oil or wild antarctic red krill fish oil. It was found that the levels of EPA and DHA Omega 3s were at much higher levels in the group who took Krill oil. This allows for a lower dose of Krill oil needed daily as it is more effective. krill-oil-benefits3



Krill oil has another Secret Weapon 

Astaxanthin, what is this word that's so hard to pronounce?

Astaxanthin has been found to be the worlds strongest and most complete antioxidant. It spans across the entire cell which most antioxidants only cover a small portion. 

Antioxidants are needed to protect the body from oxidative stress created by daily life. Cell damage is caused by molecules called free radicals.

It is red in color and is a kind of algae consumed by wild antarctic red krill fish oil, Lobsters, Crabs, Salmon, and Flamingos. These creatures would not be pink/red without the consumption of Astaxanthin.

This antioxidant not only protects you when consumed, but it protects the Krill oil from oxidizing and becoming rancid. Other omega 3 fish oils can go bad on the shelves.

Krill fish live a short lifespan and therefor do not accumulate Mercury

Mercury is a major concern with much of sea life as it is compounded over the life of many fish. The longer they live usually the more mercury they have. This makes it crucial to get fish oil from certain species of fish who do not ingest mercury over time.

This makes wild antarctic red krill fish oil a great solution as they live such short life spans and do not eat other mercury filled fish.

These are a few key reasons why wild antarctic red krill fish oil is a fantastic source of omega 3s.

No matter your choice, do your research and get the right nutrients in your diet!


Health benefits of omega 3

krill oil vs fish oil

1. Battles Inflammation in the body

Omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids such as those contained in krill oil have been appeared to have significant anti-inflammatory capacities in the body.

Truth be told, krill oil might be much more efficient at battling irritation than other omega 3 fish sources since it has all the earmarks of being simpler for the body to utilize.

A couple of studies have started to investigate the particular impacts of krill oil on inflammation.

One test-tube experiment found that it diminished the creation of inflammation-causing substances when destructive microorganisms were acquainted with human intestinal cells.

An investigation of 25 individuals with considerably raised blood fat found that taking 1,000-mg of krill oil supplement every day enhanced a marker of inflammation even considerably more viably than a 2,000-mg supplement of purified omega-3s when taken everyday. krill oil benefits1 

Also, an experiment of 90 individuals with incessant inflammation concluded that consuming 300 mg of krill oil everyday was sufficient to decrease a marker of inflammation by up to 30% one month after the administration. krill oil benefits2 

2. Krill Oil And Cholesterol

Omega 3 fish fats, and EPA and DHA are explicitly seen as being healthy for the heart.

Research has demonstrated that fish oil may improve blood lipid levels, and krill oil seems to be efficient in this also. Studies have demonstrated it might be especially efficient at bringing down triglycerides level and other blood fats in the bloodstream.

A current survey of seven investigations presumed that krill fish oil is compelling at bringing down the levels of triglycerides "bad" Low Density Lipoproteins cholesterol in the bloodstream, and may raise "good" High Density Lipoprotein cholesterol, as well.

Another investigation contrasted krill fish oil with olive oil and found that krill oil altogether improved insulin resistance scores.

In view of the many considerations up until this point, it appears to be powerful at improving certain known hazardous factors that exists in the body.


krill oil vs fish oil

3. Great Source of Healthy Fats

It is an established fact that both fish oil and krill oil includes the omega-3 fats DHA and EPA.

Notwithstanding, some proof recommends that the fats found in krill oil might be simpler for the body to use than those from other omega 3 fish oil, since most omega-3 fats in fish oil are stored as triglycerides.

Another examination painstakingly coordinated the measures of DHA and EPA in fish oil and krill oil, and found that the oils were similarly compelling at raising levels of omega-3s in the blood

More research is expected to decide if krill fish oil is really an increasingly viable, bioavailable source of omega-3 fats than fish oil.

4. Decrease Arthritis and Joint Pain

Since wild antarctic red krill fish oil appears to help lessen inflammation, it might likewise advance joint arthritis symptoms, which regularly is a resultant effect of inflammation.

Indeed, an investigation that discovered krill fish oil and other omega 3 fish altogether diminished a marker of inflammation likewise discovered that krill fish oil decreased stiffness, disability and pain in patients with osteoarthritis or rheumatoid.

While more examinations are needed to help establish these outcomes, krill oil seems to have great capacity as a supplemental treatment for joint pain and arthritis.

5. Omega 3 Fish To Help Manage Pre Menstrual Syndrome Symptoms (PMS)

As a rule, consuming omega-3 fats may help decline inflammation and pain. It gives the idea that wild antarctic red krill fish oil, which contains similar kinds of omega-3 fats, might be similarly as effective. One investigation established the impacts of krill oil and fish oil in ladies known to have PMS.

The study found that while the two supplements brought about measurably increase in symptoms, ladies consuming krill oil took altogether lower pain prescription than ladies consuming fish oil.


6. Omega 3's may help depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety can lead to alot of bad feelings and side effects. Unfortunately a large portion of the world suffers from these mental disorders too. krill oil benefits3, krill oil benefits4

In a few studies it was found that the consumption of omega 3's may ease or improve the symptoms of depression and anxiety. krill oil benefits5, krill oil benefits6.

Out of the three kinds of omega 3's (EPA, DHA, and ALA) EPA seems to be the most beneficial in treating these mental disorders almost as well as some modern medicines. krill oil benefits7krill oil benefits8


7. Omega 3's and your eyes

Our eyes depend on a number of nutrients to work properly. An important part of these nutrients is healthy fats like omega 3's. There is one omega 3 that the eyes need more than the others and that is the omega 3 called DHA. krill oil benefits9

DHA makes up a significant amount of the retina in the eye, as you can guess some pretty serious issues could come about if you don't get enough DHA in your daily diet. Some problems like macular degeneration which on the contrary if enough DHA is consumed it actually can improve this degenerative disease related to aging. krill oil benefits10krill oil benefits11 


8. Omega 3 and Cancer

Omega 3 may have the ability to decrease the risk of certain types of cancer. In studies it was shown that the subjects who consumed omega 3 as a part of their diet had up to a 55% risk reduction for colon cancer. krill oil benefits12

Other kinds of cancer have shown some positive results with omega 3 like breast and prostate cancer but more research is needed as some of the studies are inconclusive. krill oil benefits13 


Krill Oil / Omega 3 Side Effects

The side effects of krill oil are not really existent as it is a natural food unless you are allergic to fish. Always consults your doctor before taking any supplement. If you do notice any negative side effects stop consuming krill oil immediately and seek medical attention.


How Much Krill Oil Per Day? 

Krill Fish Oil Recommended Dosage:

The best wild antarctic red krill fish oil supplements should range in dosages of 500mg to 1000mg daily. This is for the best results and raising the EPA and DHA omega 3 levels in your blood stream. Always consult a doctor before taking any supplement. Although wild krill oil benefits have been proven to support brain health, it is not recommended that pregnant women take krill fish oil as it is still being researched in pregnancy scenarios.


Buying The Best Krill Oil

When it comes to buying the best krill fish oil make sure you are buying the right kind. You need to make sure the brand is focused on quality and sustainability. Wild antarctic red krill oil is one of the best ways to get in your omega 3's as it is sustainably fished and the highest quality. Buy the right dosage from the best supplier and you won't go wrong!


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