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Resveratrol Comes From Many Foods With Major Health Benefits

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Resveratol is a popular substance from the family of polyphenols. The plant-based compound is behind the belief that red wines and grapes can help lower cholesterol level in human. Aside from that, the substance has plenty of other fantastic health benefits like improving cognitive functions and managing blood pressure.


In this educative piece, we will leaf through these exciting health benefits of resveratrol and other useful information about the substance.


What Is Resveratrol?


Resveratrol is a plant-based substance from the compound polyphenols. The significant sources of resveratrol include grapes, red wine, peanuts, and some species of berries [Curr Pharm Des. 2012]. resveratrol-benefits1

The substance is present in high concentration in the outer skin of berries, and grape seeds. Grape seeds and the skin of these berries are ingredients used in the fermentation of red wine, which makes most red wines have a high concentration of resveratrol.


Over the years, scientists carried out lots of research on the substance using concentrations higher than you would typically find in food substances to figure out the health benefits associated with the substance.

Here are five common health benefits associated with Resveratol.

1.Resveratrol Increases Lifespan in Organisms


Certain studies suggest that resveratrol can elongate the life span of some organisms, including humans.

 While there is no accurate report to back up these studies, evidence showing that resveratrol supplements produce genes in organisms that inhibit aging have sufficed.

The process is the same with calorie restriction, which effectively increases the lifespan of organisms by altering the genes responsible for aging. Although it is unknown if this process works for humans, studies have shown that resveratrol supplements can increase the lifespan of organisms.


These studies have over 60% success rate in organisms like fishes and worms. However, these animals are not related to humans. Scientists are optimistic about the effects of resveratrol supplement on the lifespan of humans.


2. Resveratrol May Help Regulate Blood Pressure


Scientist discovered that resveratrol has potent antioxidant properties which can work to reduce blood pressure in humans. Most Scientists believes that a high dose of resveratrol can help lower the pressure on the artery walls as the heartbeats.[Obes Rev. 2010] resveratrol-benefits1


The pressure exerted on the artery walls from the heart is called systolic blood pressure, and this pressure increases with age. The arteries become stiff with age, thus increasing the risk of a heart attack.


Resveratrol lowers the blood pressure by producing nitric oxide, which helps the blood vessels to relax instead of stiffening.


3. Resveratrol Enhances Cognitive Functions in Humans


Recent studies show that drinking red wine has a positive effect on the brain. Red wine helps lower cognitive deterioration as a result of old age in humans. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of resveratrol are visibly responsible for these actions.


Resveratrol inhibits the development of Alzheimer’s disease by interfering with the production of beta-amyloids. Beta-amyloids are protein fragments responsible for the formation of plaques in the brain that causes Alzheimer’s disease. [Oxid Med Cell Longev. 2018] resveratrol-benefits1

 4. Resveratrol May Help Lower Blood Fats


Different studies carried out on lab animals have shown that resveratrol supplements may have positive effects on blood fats.

In a recent study, a mouse was fed continuously with a high-polyunsaturated and high protein diet. The mouse then received resveratrol supplements and kept under strict observation.

From the observation, resveratrol supplement suppressed the cholesterol levels in the mice by lowering the actions of the enzyme responsible for the production of cholesterol.


The antioxidant properties of resveratrol work to lower the oxidation of ‘bad” LDL cholesterol in the human body. LDL oxidation is responsible for the buildup of plaque in the walls of the artery, thus the increased risk of a heart attack.

These researches summarize the fact that resveratrol supplements may effectively reduce the production of cholesterol in humans and also inhibit the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.


5. Resveratrol May Help Boost Insulin Sensitivity


Studies in animals suggest that resveratrol supplements can help minimize the effects of diabetes. Resveratrol supplements can actively prevent the development of complications due to diabetes by increasing insulin sensitivity.


The substance achieves this by halting the activities of enzymes responsible for converting glucose into sugar alcohol known as sorbitol.

Excessive buildup of sorbitol in the body system leads to oxidative stress that could damage sensitive body cells.[Clin Biochem. 2001]


Thus, Resveratrol supplement can actively reverse complications as a result of diabetes, although scientists are yet to find the right dose for humans.

Summing it Up


Resveratrol is a powerful substance with exceptional antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The substance can help manage lots of critical health conditions in humans.

So far, researches have not been able to link any side effect to resveratrol even when consumed in high quantity. However, more research is required to guide its intake and provide clear dosage instructions. 



resveratrol benefits supplement amazon


resveratrol benefits supplement amazon




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