Why Should You Supplement Vitamin D? What You Need To Know

What is Vitamin D And Why Do We Need It?






Where Do You Get Vitamin D?

There are not many natural sources of food that have vitamin d. Certain fish like tuna, mackerel and salmon contain some vitamin d. Other sources include cheese and egg yolks although it is a limited amount.

A lot of milk and some brands of cereal in America contains fortified vitamin d.


Why A Little Sunshine Can Help

When your skin is directly exposed to the sun your body will naturally make some vitamin d. But if you work inside all day or live in an area where the winters are dark it can be hard to meet your daily requirements. If the sunshine is not direct like coming in through windows or blocked by clouds it is not as effective for vitamin d production.

Although vitamin D from the sun is great it is important to limit the time in the sun as it can cause serious diseases like skin cancer and rapid aging. Sunscreen is necessary to help avoid future issues but also blocks vitamin D production from the sun. This is why supplementation is recommended to meet daily vitamin D requirements.


Why Take Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D2 is produced by plants, and Vitamin D3 is the one made by your skin when you get enough sunlight. Although D2 is beneficial D3 is essential.


Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

A low dose of vitamin D3 is recommended for most people. Some groups are prone to not getting enough such as breastfed infants since human milk is a poor source. Older adults, because their skin doesn’t make vitamin D when exposed to sunlight as efficiently as when they were younger. People with dark skin, because the skin has less ability to produce vitamin D from the sun. People with higher body fat percentages also need more vitamin D as fat binds with this nutrient and doesn't allow it to absorb as easily in the bloodstream.


Not Enough Vitamin D?

Vitamin D deficiencies can cause medical issues such as brittle bones and cardiovascular disease. There are many problems that come with not getting enough of this nutrient so it's important to do your research! Consult your doctor to see if supplementation is right for you.


Vitamin D Side Effects

It is important not to exceed the top end of vitamin D doses as it can become toxic. Consult your doctor before taking any supplements as they may interfere with certain medications.


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