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zinc benefits

You Won't Believe These Top Zinc Health Benefits

The health benefits of zinc are many. Zinc plays a part in the vital functions of the body.

zinc benefits

Zinc just like magnesium is considered an essential nutrient because your body can't produce it naturally. You must get zinc from the food you eat or a zinc supplement.

Let's get into what zinc does in the body, why you need it, side effects and what zinc dosage is recommended when taking a supplement.


What exactly is zinc?

Zinc is an essential mineral that is needed for many functions in the body such as

  • Immune function
  • Enzymatic reactions
  • Protein synthesis
  • DNA synthesis
  • Gene expression
  • Wound healing
  • Growth and development



Zinc in the body

Zinc is responsible for over 300 enzyme functions that help nerves function, metabolism, and much more. You can find zinc in every cell in the body. zinc-benefits2zinc-benefits3

Zinc is necessary for protein production and overall health of proper DNA synthesis. These functions are required for healthy skin. zinc-benefits4

The immune system also relies heavily on zinc as it's needed for the cells involved in the immune system to function correctly. zinc-benefits4

An interesting fact is that if you have a zinc deficiency you will lose a large amount of the ability to smell or taste. This is because zinc is deeply involved with the proper function of the enzymes related to these senses. zinc-benefits6

Zinc is important for the body in the development stage as it has a large part in cell division and growth. zinc-benefits7


Zinc and the immune system

Zinc plays a large role in the function of every cell in the body and this is true for the cells in the immune system. The immune system relies heavily on the ability of cells to properly communicate with one another through signaling. If you have a deficiency in zinc then this process becomes hindered and your immune system is negatively affected putting your health at risk.

In some studies it was found that zinc supplements have the ability to decrease the overall length of the common cold by around 33%. zinc-benefits8

Additional studies have also shown zincs ability to increase the immune response in adults and decrease the infection risks. zinc-benefits9

Zinc supplements appear to be beneficial by not only providing enough zinc for the body's cell functions, but also seem to reduce oxidative stress to the body overall.


Zinc and acne

There may be a link between those who suffer from excessive acne and those who have a zinc deficiency. Zinc supplements have shown promise in reducing acne by decreasing the factors that cause acne in the first place. zinc-benefits10

There are many different causes of acne. Three main causes are inflammation, bacteria, and blocked oil glands. zinc-benefits10

Some studies suggest that zinc taken orally and applied topically may be able to reduce inflammation, oil production, and the growth of acne causing bacteria. zinc-benefits11

Zinc and anti-inflammatory

If left uncheck inflammation in the body can lead to many diseases down the road. This is caused by oxidative stressors in the body which happens for a variety of reasons everday such as environment and diet. zinc-benefits12
Studies have shown that zinc has the ability to decrease inflammation and oxidative stress in the body. zinc-benefits12
One study where participants took 45 mg of zinc daily had less inflammation overall when compared to the control group that didn't receive zinc supplementation. zinc-benefits13


Zinc plays a major role in just about every cellular function in the body. It has many health benefits from increased immune response to decreased inflammation in the body.
Being an essential mineral that the body can't make on it's own, it is ideal to take a zinc supplement. Always be sure to consult your doctor before trying anything new as certain supplements can interfere with medications.




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