omega 3 fatty acids benefits skin

How Omega 3 Fatty Acids Benefit Your Skin And Make It Glow

It's always been true that you are what you eat. You're skin reflects the nutrients it's given and omega 3 fatty acids are an absolute must for skin health.

omega 3 fatty acids benefits skin

Check out these benefits that omega 3 fatty acids have on the skin.

Research points to a complete and nutrient rich diet to improve your overall health and appearance. This includes supplementation if you can't get enough of an important nutrient in your diet each day.
Omega 3 fatty acids provide a ton of benefits for the skin and are a large part of this. omega-3-benefits-skin1
You can get omega 3 from sources such as fish, some seeds, and certain plants. Omega 3 comes in three forms: eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), and alpha-linolenic acid (ALA).
All three of these omega 3 forms benefits the body, skin, and hair in different ways. omega-3-benefits-skin2omega-3-benefits-skin3

Omega 3 Sun Protection

We need the sun everyday to thrive and it provides nutrients for optimal health like vitamin D3. But too much sun can cause skin damage over time. Omega 3 may be able to help protect the skin from the suns ultraviolet rays. Certain studies have shown that omega 3 DHA and EPA supplements help decrease damage caused to the skin from the suns UV rays. omega-3-benefits-skin4
An additional study showed that those who used sardine oil (which is full of omega 3's DHA and EPA) on their skin after UV exposure, had around a 25% decrease in skin redness versus the control group that did not get the omega 3 oil. Omega 3's may aid the skins sensitivity to the sun overall. omega-3-benefits-skin5

Omega 3 In The Gut

Gut health plays a huge role in overall skin health. The bacteria in our guts thrive off of the nutrients given to them. When a bad diet is consumed overtime skin health is directly impacted as the bacteria can't do their job. A good diet however leads to healthy gut bacteria and clear glowing skin.
Some studies show that consuming omega 3 fish sources or supplements help the gut bacteria thrive and contribute to healthy skin. It's important to keep the probiotics in your gut in order as they effect much more than just skin health.

Omega 3 And Skin Acne

Omega 3's may be able to help decrease overall acne. Acne is caused by a few factors but one of the biggest ones it inflammation. Eating a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods like omega 3 fatty acids may be able to help keep acne at bay.
Certain studies have shown a reduction in acne severity when omega 3 supplements were given to the participants. Overall omega 3 may be a great way to fight off acne and achieve better skin health. omega-3-benefits-skin7omega-3-benefits-skin8
It is currently under investigation that a major cause of acne is insulin. If this is true omega 3's can help prevent acne because of it's effect on insulin sensitivity. There are many causes of acne that still need to be further discovered but the skin benefits of omega 3 seem to be far reaching when it comes to acne prevention.

Omega 3 And Dry Skin

Omega 3 may be able to aid in warding off dry and irritated skin. Many people suffer from certain skin disorders like psoriasis and other skin inflammations. Omega 3's seem to help the skin barrier by keeping the skin moisturized and protected from outside irritants. omega-3-benefits-skin9omega-3-benefits-skin10

A study found that when omega 3 flax seed oil was consumed there was around a 39% improvement in the hydration of the skin. Over a period of 12 weeks those who took the omega 3 oil had healthier and more hydrated skin verses the control group which did not receive the omega 3's. omega-3-benefits-skin11

Overall there may be a link between omega 3 intake and a reduction in dry skin disorders like psoriasis and dermatitis in both adults and children. omega-3-benefits-skin12omega-3-benefits-skin13

As you age your skin becomes more dry as collagen decreases and wrinkles start to appear. Keeping your skin protected with the anti-inflammatory effects of omega 3 and hydrated with these fatty acids is a good way to fight off signs of aging. 


Omega 3 And Skin Repair

The skin is responsible for keeping the bad things in the environment out of our bodies and is the first line of defense. Anytime this is hindered by a wound or an opening the body becomes at risk for infections and other ailments.

Omega 3 fatty acids may be able to aid the skin in repairing faster than it normally would. There is more research that is needed but the intake of omega 3 and the topical application to a wound on the skin has shown promise. The fact that omega 3 offers a hydrating effect as well as anti-inflammation may be a contributing factor to this claim. omega-3-benefits-skin14


Omega 3 DHA and EPA Skin Structure

It's no secret that the body needs fats to survive. But on top of energy use alot of the body's structures are made up of fat components. These fats have to be specific kinds of fat too for proper healthy function. This is where Omega 3's DHA and EPA come into play and are essential. Omega 3 DHA is actually a structural compound used by your skin cells. DHA plays a large role at the cell level and is crucial for skin structure health.

This helps explain why omega 3 leads to softer, more moisturized. and more youthful looking skin.

Omega 3 EPA also plays a large role in skin health functions such as oil production and reducing the signs of aging by blocking substances that destroy the skins collagen when exposed to UV sun rays. omega-3-benefits-skin14



Omega 3 Cancer Prevention

Skin cancer is a large cause of death throughout the world. One cause of this specific cancer is formed after years and years of over exposure to the suns ultraviolet rays. A anti-inflammatory diet including omega 3's may be a good way to stave off the development of certain cancers.

Research is still ongoing for the potential ability of omega 3 to aid in skin cancer prevention but there may be some evidence of such abilities. Omega 3 is a great pair with a vitamin D3 supplement so as to avoid the need to spend time in the sun. Always wear sunscreen when outdoors for long periods of time. omega-3-benefits-skin15


Conclusion And What To Look For

The skin is the first protection the body has against the outside environment. The appearance and health of your skin is largely influenced by what you eat. On top of this a large portion of the skin is made up of specific kinds of fats to function properly. This is where omega 3's DHA and EPA become essential for skin health.

Omega 3 fatty acids have shown to benefit the skin in many ways from making it appear more youthful to protecting the skin from harmful diseases. This nutrient is essential for overall body and skin health so it's important to get it into your daily diet.

Always be sure to consult your doctor before trying any new supplements as they may interact with certain medications. For clear and glowing skin give your body the nutrients it needs from healthy greens to healthy fats like omega 3's.


Choosing The Best Omega 3 Supplement 

When it comes to choosing the right omega 3 source supplementation can be the easiest and most efficient way to get this nutrient in your daily diet. Be sure to choose an omega 3 supplement that does not have heavy metals in it and is easily absorbed by the body. Look into antarctic krill oil as this is a great omega 3 choice that come with additional health benefits. Here's a quick checklist to keep in mind when looking for an omega 3 supplement:

- Heavy metal tested

- Manufactured in the USA

- Sustain-ably Sourced

- Clean Sourcing (Antarctic)

- Easily absorbed form

- Small pills for easily swallowing

Krill oil capsules are small and more easily absorbed by the human body as krill oil contains omega 3's DHA and EPA in the form of phospholipids. Phospholipids are more accepted by the body than other fish oils that come in the form of triglycerides. 

Antarctic krill oil is also a much cleaner source of omega 3 fatty acids as it is sustain-ably fished from the antarctic waters which a notoriously clean. Krill reproduce quickly and live short lives so they don't have the opportunity to accumulate heavy metals like other fish species.

They also contain a red pigment called astaxanthin which is known as the worlds strongest antioxidant. This can be a great addition to a good omega 3 because astaxanthin is also a strong anti-inflammatory and comes with a long list of health benefits as well as anti-aging.

All of these factors make krill oil a great choice for getting omega 3 fatty acids into your daily diet!


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