Lockdown Tips: Top 6 Workout You Can Do At Home

Lockdown Tips: Top 6 Workout You Can Do At Home

Check Out These Top 6 Workouts You Can Do At Home 

The usual sedentary lifestyle of modern times has been made even worse by the ongoing lock down situation brought about by the spread of the pandemic. In your everyday life before the lock down, at least you can hit the gym a few times a week or go for your daily run around the park. Those options are going to be far from your reach for a while now.  

So, to make sure that your fitness doesn’t take a backseat, here are six workout ideas that you can easily do at home. 


1. Embrace the Power of Yoga 

The best thing about Yoga is that it is excellent for the mind and the body, and you don’t even require any space to practice it. You don’t need to be an expert to do Yoga as there are plenty of YouTube videos to help you. You can also get your virtual yoga session through the number of apps available on the play store.  

Yoga will help shed the extra kilos and offer other benefits like improving your mood, calming down your mind, and reducing the risks of chronic diseases. It will also help you in resisting the urge to eat unhealthy food or overeat.  


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2. Get Your Daily Dose of Cardio 

Cardio has to be an essential part of your daily workout as it comes with lots of benefits like burning fat, increasing the lungs’ capacity, reducing heart disease, and blood pressure. Since you can’t go out now, let the stairs come to your aid. Running up and down the stairs will help in burning calories and improve stamina. Keep in mind that you need to start slowly and increase the speed and numbers of rounds at proper intervals. You can also do split squats, inclined pushups, and more on the stairs. 

In this regard, you will need to keep up with your daily dose of anabolic and androgenic steroids like anadrol. Cardio and weight training sessions are hardcore workouts that need increased stamina and power indicators, and thus, you can’t miss your daily dose even if you are working out at home.  

It also helps you absorb the nutrients better. The cells in the muscles get all the necessary amino acids due to this steroid, which in turn recovers the muscles faster after heavy training. The dosage varies from 10 mg to 40 mg, depending on the requirement.  


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3. Try the Simple Downward Dog Push-Ups  

You can keep those muscles intact by engaging in some good upper body exercises for the arms. You can always use barbells for arm strength, but let’s try something that doesn’t need any tool. After all, not everyone has proper equipment at home to go for weight training. 

One of the best ideas is to try the downward dog push up, which is a weight-free workout to target your triceps and shoulders. It is effortless: start with a plank position or a standard push up and push into the downward dog.  

For a repetition, you need to use the arms and shoulders to lower the forehead towards the ground. Exhale gently before lifting yourself by using your triceps. 


4. Say Goodbye to Belly Fat with Crunches 

Sitting at home and snacking frequently means pilling up on the belly fat. Crunches can be a great way to reduce belly fat effectively. So, get your exercise mat out and lie down on it. Place the feet on the floor for flexing the knees. Hold the head with your fingers in a way that your thumb is at the back of both the ears. Gradually lift the head off the ground and inhale while doing this.  

Try to reach the knees with the head as much as you can and exhale slowly as you return to the initial position. Resist the tendency to tuck in the chin at the time of doing crunches. For best results, do two sets having 12 repetitions.  

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5. Trying Out Planks with Leg Twist 

Plank is that one pose that you need to practice every day to improve your physique, strength, mood, and so on. The great plank does wonders for your body when you start practicing it daily. Though it might seem a bit tricky to hold at the beginning, once you keep at it, the health benefits will last a lifetime. 

Once you have mastered the usual plank, try it with a simple twist. Start with a simple plank and twist the body to one side and lift one arm in the air. Bring your bottom down towards the ground, and repeat the same by changing the arm. This is the exercise for your glutes, core, chest, and upper back. 

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6. The Twin Workouts of Bear Crawl and Side Plank Lift 

For a bear crawl, stand on all fours and walk sideways while taking four steps on each of your sides. The bear crawl is going to work on your glutes, arms, and shoulders while increasing your stability and core strength. 

Move on to side plank life where you rest on the right knee and keep the left leg extended to your side. Bring the upper body to the floor and back up, like you do a push up. Do this same thing on your other side. This one is great for your balance, core, movement, and posture. 


Summing Up 

Lock down is frustrating and depressing, but that should not affect your body. So, start your workout schedule today without further ado. By indulging in the exercises mentioned above, you can have a better version of yourself. They will make you fit and energetic. Let’s pledge to come out of this lock down with a healthier and fitter body.  

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