health benefits of onions

Why These Top Health Benefits Of Onions Will Surprise You

Onions have long been renowned for their numerous health benefits. They have been used around the world for centuries in medicine and with good reason.

health benefits of onions

Within the same family as garlic, the Allium family, onions pack a nutritional and antioxidant punch. 

Onions were used in the ancient times to treat certain diseases and sicknesses like heart disease, headaches and more. onion-health-benefits1

Let's get into the top health benefits of onions

1. Nutritional Powerhouse

Onions are full of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. On top of this onions are full of beneficial fiber for digestion in the gut. onion-health-benefits2

Most people don't get enough potassium in the western diet. Incorporating some onions could help get to the correct potassium levels each day. Potassium plays a large role in different functions like nerve transmission and cellular functions. onion-health-benefits2onion-health-benefits2

Onions have high amounts of B vitamins which are a larger player in red blood cell production, nerve functions, and much more. onion-health-benefits3

Onions are full of vitamin C which is crucial for immune support, skin health, and many more essential processes for life. Vitamin C is also an important antioxidant that protects cells in the body from free radical damage caused by oxidation. onion-health-benefits3


2. Onion And The Heart

Onions have been shown to decrease inflammation and other cardiovascular disease risks such as LDL (bad) cholesterol, hypertension, blood clotting and triglycerides.

Onions contain the potent antioxidant Quercetin which may play a role in reducing high blood pressure. 

A study in obese participants suffering from hypertension discovered that onion extract containing quercetin was able to reduce the blood pressure in the group versus a control group. onion-health-benefits5

Another study focusing on LDL (bad) cholesterol discovered that in a group of 54 women, after eating raw red onions over a period of 8 weeks, the LDL cholesterol reduced significantly when observed next to the group that didn't receive the red onions. onion-health-benefits6

In animal models the intake of onions lead to a decrease in disease causing factors like inflammation and blood clotting. onion-health-benefits7onion-health-benefits8


3. Onion Antioxidants

Eating onions will increase your antioxidant intake and help your body's cells fight off damaging free radicals which lead to disease and premature aging. Onions actually have over 25 different kinds of antioxidants. onion-health-benefits9

Although all onions carry a phenomenal amount of antioxidants, red onions pack the most as they get their red pigment from anthocyanins which is a powerful type of antioxidant. This particular antioxidant is found in other purple berry's and red wine which has been found to decrease risks of heart disease.

A study in just over 40,000 men found that regular consumption of anthocyanins over time lead to a 14% decrease in heart attack risks. onion-health-benefits10

Another study of over 90,000 women found that those who ate the most anthocyanin filled foods had a 32% decreased heart attack risk when compared to those who didn't consume as much of this antioxidant. onion-health-benefits11

The benefits of these red colored anthocyanins stretch on to many parts of the body protecting it from diseases like diabetes and cancer. onion-health-benefits12onion-health-benefits14



Onions are a great addition to a healthy diet. They contains many different beneficial antioxidants and fight off certain disease risks. The red onion is the most beneficial kind of onion because of the addition of anthocyanins which create the dark purple pigmentation. 


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