cbd oil for anxiety

CBD Oil For Treating Anxiety

cbd oil for anxiety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in thirteen people worldwide lives with anxiety disorder, making it one of the most prevalent mental health disorders worldwide. For people living with anxiety, finding a safe way to manage their symptoms is a primary concern.

While many quick-acting anti-anxiety medications can provide instant relief, it can also be addictive. Although long-range anxiety medications might help minimize the symptoms over time, they don't always work for everyone. For many, this is where CBD oil products can come in handy.

CBD or cannabidiol oil is a type of cannabinoid, a chemical naturally found in cannabis plants. Many research indicates CBD oil products have shown a lot of promise in relieving anxiety. Most CBD products only contain trace amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), so users won't experience the "high" many people often associate with marijuana use. 


Cannabidiol: Powerful Anxiety Treatment or Snake Oil?

Over the years, clinical research on CBD as a possible treatment for anxiety disorders has shown therapeutic potential. In a double-blind study conducted in 2019, 37 Japanese teenagers suffering from social anxiety disorder (SAD) were given 300 mg CBD oil daily for four weeks.

The teens were then assessed using surveys used to measure and diagnose SAD symptoms. CBD's anti-anxiety properties reduced the symptoms aligned with the disorder and provided relief comparable to Paroxetine, a medication typically used to treat it.

It is also interesting to note that nine of the seventeen teenagers who received CBD stated they have decided to seek treatment in the follow-up. Teenagers with SAD very rarely seek treatment for fear of interacting with therapists and because of the stigma surrounding the condition.

Another retrospective case study was done on outpatients at a mental health clinic in Fort Collins, Colorado. Forty-seven of the participants expressed their concerns about anxiety. The majority of the patients were given 25 mg of CBD daily for three months, in addition to their treatment.

On the first monthly assessment, a whopping 79.2% of the patients reported experiencing relief from anxiety. After two months, 78.1% of the participants noted further improvement compared to the previous month. 


What is the Best Way to Consume CBD for Your Anxiety?

If you are considering using CBD oil to help manage your anxiety, educating yourself is critical. It will also be a good idea to check with your doctor if it is an option you can try. Also, a clear understanding of the pros and cons of different ingestion methods can help you assess which form of consumption will suit you best.


CBD can be added to just about any food. While easier to consume in this form (and often delicious), expect to wait for an hour or more before you can feel any results. The oral bioavailability of CBD can also hinder CBD absorption. 

When consumed orally, CBD will pass through the gastrointestinal tract before the liver metabolizes it. As a result, only a limited quantity of the CBD will make it to your circulatory system. 

It is also essential to keep in mind that the FDA considers some food that contains CBD illegal. With that in mind, you just need to get CBD edibles in state-licensed adult-use markets.

Oils and tinctures

CBD tinctures and oils are considered a quick and easy way to consume CBD. CBD oils contain CBD extracts that are infused into a carrier oil like hemp seed or coconut oil. Tinctures and oils are also taken using a dropper. When taken sublingually, the cannabinoid enters the bloodstream rapidly and can kick in as quickly as ten minutes. 


Smoking provides an instantaneous method for those who want to enjoy the effects of CBD. The cannabinoid goes directly to the lungs' alveoli, and from there, the CBD molecules will enter the bloodstream for rapid absorption.


What is the Ideal CBD Dose for Anxiety?

Most scientists and clinicians admit there is no universally recommended dosage for CBD yet. However, this does not mean CBD is unsafe. Existing research suggests it's considered a safe and well-tolerated treatment. 

If you are considering CBD oil to manage your anxiety symptoms, following a cautious and informed approach to dosing is recommended. Below are some crucial factors you should take into account:

  • Metabolism
  • Body weight
  • Severity of your anxiety
  • CBD concentration

It is also important to note that CBD concentration can vary from one product to another. It is also typically expressed in milligrams (mg) per container. Once you know the potency of the CBD product you will use, you can use an app or dosage calculator to determine the right dose.

You also have to remember that your unique body chemistry can impact how you respond to CBD. Some individuals can metabolize medicine way faster compared to others. If you are one of those who can metabolize medications quickly, you'll likely benefit from a higher dose.



If you are still unsure if CBD is the best option to manage your anxiety, check with a health professional. Fortunately, some cannabis dispensaries also have medical experts available that can provide sound advice and dosage recommendations.

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