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First we need to know what to look for when finding the best antarctic krill oil supplement. Here are the 7 things to look for when purchasing krill oil supplements from Amazon.

Number 1 - Check where the krill oil is sourced from.

Krill fish reside around the world in colder waters. The cleanest source of krill fish however seems to be in the Antarctic.

The krill fish in Antarctica are considered to be the cleanest source because they have the lowest amount of heavy metals and other dangerous toxins in their bodies. Krill fish in general are better sources of omega 3 because they live shorter lives than other fish and don't get the chance to accumulate heavy metals through their diet.

Antarctic krill are not only clean but more sustainably fished than in other regions of the world. So be sure to look for antarctic krill oil when searching on Amazon. best-krill-oil-amazon1


Number 2 - Find out where the krill oil is manufactured.

It's important to note the difference between where krill oil is sourced and where the krill oil is manufactured. First make sure the krill oil is sourced from the antarctic because this is the cleanest and most sustainable source. Then find out if that antarctic krill oil is manufactured in the USA. This is important so you can be sure that the best manufacturing practices are being adhered to so as to not contaminate the antarctic krill oil.

Within the USA although supplements themselves are not regulated by the FDA, they do need to be manufactured in an FDA approved facility as well as one that adheres to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). On Amazon these seals should be visible on the krill oil supplement listings. best-krill-oil-amazon2 


Number 3 - Make sure krill oil is the sole ingredient.

Many krill oil supplements contain fillers that may dilute the actual krill oil. Make sure that antarctic krill oil is the sole ingredient inside the capsule. The capsule should contain little ingredients as well, mostly gelatin or a vegan substitute. Naturally within a good antarctic krill oil are omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA which may be listed on the label. 

Krill oil is full of essential omega 3s DHA and EPA which are more easily absorbed by the human body because they are in the form of Phospholipids as opposed to fish oil which is in the form of triglycerides. best-krill-oil-amazon3 

Another natural benefit of antarctic krill oil is astaxanthin. This is what gives krill their natural red color. Astaxanthin is an algae which is known as the worlds strongest antioxidant. Krill fish consume astaxanthin so the label may list this ingredient as well. best-krill-oil-amazon4


Number 4 - Krill oil dosage

When it comes to getting the correct dosages of antarctic krill oil the industry standard is anywhere from 500mg (milligrams) to 1000mg per day. Most studies involving krill oil use this krill oil dosage. It is recommended to find an antarctic krill oil supplement on Amazon that has at least 500mg of krill oil per capsule. This way you can take a daily maintenance of 500mg krill oil and more if needed. It's important to note that when comparing krill oil dosage to fish oil, less krill oil is needed because it's phospholipid form is more easily absorbed by the human body. best-krill-oil-amazon5


Number 5 - The krill oil needs to be tested for heavy metals.

Krill live short lives and don't get the chance to store large amounts of heavy metals in their bodies. Even though krill oil over all has a lot less heavy metals than other fish species and antarctic krill oil even more so, it still needs to be tested in the USA to make sure there are no abnormalities that could harm your health. It's better to be safe than sorry when taking in supplements that you think are helping you but could end up harming you instead. Look for heavy metal tested in the USA krill oil supplements on Amazon. best-krill-oil-amazon6


Number 6 - Krill oil return policy

Make sure whichever company you choose to buy antarctic krill oil from has a great return policy. There are numerous things that could happen to you package or you just may not like krill oil at all. Look for companies with 90 day return policies or more so you have time to try krill oil for yourself. Luckily Amazon Prime offers a great return policy for any products sold on their platform. best-krill-oil-amazon7


Number 7 - Krill oil reviews

One of the most valuable things about shopping on Amazon is the customer reviews. This makes it easy to see what is working for people and weed out the defective products that don't work. This will save you time, money, and headache. It's also a great way to answer any questions you may have about krill oil or supplements in general. best-krill-oil-amazon8



With these 7 points in mind go through the checklist of what is important when looking for the best krill oil supplement on Amazon. This will allow you to get the most for your body and get one of the best omega 3 sources out there.


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best krill oil supplement amazon


best krill oil supplement amazon




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