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health benefits of kombucha

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Kombucha

Before We Get Into The Health Benefits Of Kombucha,

First What Is Kombucha?

 health benefits of kombucha


Kombucha is a kind of tea fermented from yeast and sugar. This bubbly tea not only tastes amazing but it also packs a punch when it comes to health benefits.  Kombucha tea may have originated Japan or even China. 

Kombucha tea is also known as mushroom tea because of the mushroom like film that forms on top of the liquid during the fermentation process.

When making kombucha a colony of yeast called SCOBY is used to eat the sugar in green or black tea. The yeast then produce a byproduct of probiotics, carbonation, and a small amount of alcohol making kombucha.



Kombucha Health Benefit #1

Trust Your Gut

Studies on the health benefits of Kombucha tea take a particular look at the probiotic bacteria which are a byproduct from the fermentation process. Probiotic bacteria are necessary for your gut to function properly. health benefits from kombucha1

Your gut health affects more than just your digestion and nutrient absorption. The immune system is also strongly linked to the probiotic bacteria in your gut. A strong and healthy gut is a strong and healthy immune system.

A healthy balance of probiotic bacteria also can positively affect irritable bowel syndrome and diarrhea. If you suffer from any of these ailments then drinking some kombucha may help you. health benefits from kombucha2


Kombucha Health Benefit #2

 Aids In Cancer Prevention

Drinking kombucha may help your body fight off cancer causing agents. This could be related to the fact that kombucha is originally made from green tea which is very high in anti oxidants. 

A few studies that looked at the effect of kombucha on cancer cells showed positive results in either slowing down the growth or diminishing the remaining cancer cells after treatment. health benefits from kombucha3

Cancer is a complicated disease so it's always good to take each study with a grain of salt. But none the less drinking kombucha could be a helpful aid in the fight against such a serious disease.


health benefits from kombucha tea

Kombucha Health Benefit #3

Decrease Infections

One of the byproducts when kombucha tea is fermented is acetic acid. This acid has been found in studies to destroy microbes and other harmful bacteria. Even though kombucha promotes healthy bacteria that the body needs, it is able to fight off harmful bacteria that would hinder your body with infections. health benefits from kombucha4


Kombucha Health Benefit #4

Brain Function And Balance

The hormones of the brain are complicated and require balance to function properly. A few studies showed positive effects between drinking kombucha and lowering depression. In these studies probiotics were the main link between the postive outcomes. health benefits from kombucha5


Kombucha Health Benefit #5

Heart Health

Cholesterol is divided into 2 categories based on which kind it is. The is HDL which is the healthy form of cholesterol and LDL which is the unhealthy form. A study found that kombucha lowered the LDL cholesterol in the subjects. LDL cholesterol is responsible for causing heart disease over an extended amount of time if the levels are too high. health benefits from kombucha6

Many factors go into how much HDL and LDL cholesterol someone has but kombucha can be a helpful piece of that pie when it comes to heart health.


Kombucha Health Benefit #6

Lose Weight

Green tea is the main component when making kombucha. Studies have shown that green tea can aid in weight loss as it raises the bodies metabolism and helps burn fat. This could translate to kombucha just with added health benefits from the fermentation process. health benefits from kombucha7


 health benefits from kombucha

Kombucha Health Benefit #7

Liver Support

The high antioxidant content of kombucha has been shown in studies to help detox the liver. The liver is responsible for filtering the blood in the body. When it does this the liver naturally accumulates a lot of toxins. Drinking kombucha could be a way to help facilitate better liver health but more research is needed to know for sure.

Consuming more antioxidants is a good idea as the body needs to fight off toxins and free radicals daily. health benefits from kombucha8


Kombucha Health Benefit #8

Diabetes Type 2

Type 2 Diabetes is characterized by insulin resistance and having high blood sugar. Kombucha has been studied for it's affect on high blood sugar. A study on mice found that kombucha is affective at helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Kombucha could be beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes who need to manage their blood sugar.  health benefits from kombucha9


Kombucha Health Benefit #9


The plethora of good bacteria in kombucha may help those with intestinal issues such as constipation. Keeping the intestinal track stabilized with kombuchas helpful bacteria and not inflamed will promote better bowel movements overall.


health benefits from kombucha 

Kombucha Health Benefit #10

Reduce Overall Inflammation

Kombucha tea aids the body in many ways. Reducing inflammation especially in a world with high inflammatory diet and stressers, is a great way to maintain optimal health and avoid unnecessary ailments down the road. Keeping your gut healthy will set a chain reaction of health throughout your body rather than a chain reaction of inflammatory issues.


Kombucha Risks

Buying Kombucha tea at the grocery store is recommended over brewing it at home. Brewing kombucha at home could lead to an unpredictable product vs. store bought kombucha.


In Conclusion

Add Kombucha tea to your daily diet to support your overall health. The health benefits from kombucha could help you in many ways but it's important to get it from a reliable source and to have it as an addition to a healthy lifestyle in general.





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