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Top 11 Health Benefits Of Ginger

You may have heard of ginger as this spice is used all over the world in culinary dishes.


But the health benefits of ginger may surprise you.

Ginger is not only a delicious addition to different foods but it also has many bioactive nutrients that will increase your health.

Check out these top health benefits of ginger.


The History Of Ginger

Ginger comes from the family which has close relatives like the spice turmeric, galangal, and cardamom. All of these spices are popular additions to culinary dishes.

Originally the ginger root was cultivated in China and just like garlic, served many medicinal purposes. Some of the health benefits of ginger include aiding in digestion and fighting viruses such as the flu and common cold.

This makes ginger tea a popular choice to help boost your immune system if you feel you are coming down with a sickness.

When ginger is cultivated the part used in recipes and the section of the root with all of the health benefits is called the rhizome (the part of the ginger root that is underground).

Ginger is used in varying forms for different uses. It can be powdered, dried, raw, juiced, or even in an oil form when it’s extracted from the root. ginger-health-benefits1


health benefits of ginger

Ginger And Gingerol

The health benefits of ginger come from a bioactive compound called gingerol. This antioxidant is a potent anti-inflammatory for the body and leads to other medicinal effects. Gingerol is part of gingers natural oils which give the root it’s famous smell and taste. ginger-health-benefits2

Ginger Can Help Nausea

Nausea comes in many forms from different causes. Overall ginger has proven in studies that it can reduce symptoms and feeling sick.

This includes nausea caused by sea sickness, morning sickness, chemotherapy, post surgery, and even pregnancy related nausea. ginger-health-benefits3

One study in 2010 on the effects of ginger in patients undergoing chemotherapy showed that ginger root powder in supplements reduced the overall nausea in a majority of the patients who took them. ginger-health-benefits3

Another study in 2011 found similar results in the subjects who took a daily dose of 1,500 mg of ginger extract. ginger-health-benefits3

Overall nausea reduction seems to be well within the health benefits of ginger. 


Ginger May Decrease Certain Body Pain

Ginger could benefit your joints and decrease the pain associated with movements in exercise. Exercise and stress on the body produce an inflammatory response which can add to painful symptoms. Since ginger acts as an anti-inflammatory it seems to be beneficial for those who suffer from day to day joint and muscle pain. ginger-health-benefits4

In a study with 74 subjects it was found that 2 grams of raw ginger decreased pain associated with muscle excercise by almost 25%. ginger-health-benefits4


Gingers And Osteoarthritis

Since ginger has powerful anti-inflammatory effects, inflammatory ailments such as osteoarthritis can benefit from the use of ginger. In studies with patients who suffered from degrading joints ginger proved to reduce pain over all and alleviate symptoms from osteoarthritis. The joint stiffness also decreased with constant use of ginger ginger-health-benefits5

health benefits of ginger

Ginger And Heart Health

Ginger seems to have a profound effect on cardiovasular disease and prevention.

In a recent study ginger was able to lower blood sugar and oxidized lipoproteins which both contribute to heart disease and diabetes. This shows promising effects of ginger on the blood and heart for future remedies to cardiovascular ailments. Research is still continuing on the true potential of these health benefits from ginger. ginger-health-benefits6

One study discovered that when ginger is consumed it can decrease the platelets in the blood from sticking together and forming deadly clots. This was a study done in animals and needs to be replicated in human studies before the data is conclusive for this benefit of ginger. ginger-health-benefits6

The antioxidant activity of ginger seem to be the cause of the cardiovascular benefits. One study found ginger to aid in the reduction of heart abnormalities in diabetic mice. ginger-health-benefits6


Ginger and Indigestion

We have all had indigestion at some point in our lives. One of the main causes of indigestion is believed to be the time it takes to empty the stomach.

In this case ginger has proven to speed up this process leading to better overall digestion. ginger-health-benefits7

Try adding ginger to your recipes or even eating it raw after a meal to experience these potential health benefits. If you are looking for a more convenient way to take ginger daily supplementation is recommended.


Ginger And Menstrual Pain

Within gingers scope of pain reduction falls menstrual pain suffered by women. In one study ginger proved to be just as effective as some pain medications taken today such as ibuprofen. In the study ginger was taken in a powdered form so dosage and consistency could be measured. The ginger was taken at the beginning of the menstrual cycles. ginger-health-benefits8

In a 2016 review of studies related to ginger it was found that many of these cases lead to pain reduction in dysmenorhea. There needs to be more studies on this heath benefit of ginger as the studies cited were not as conclusive as they could be. ginger-health-benefits8


Decrease Cholesterol With Ginger

The bodies balance of low-density lipoproteins (LDL Cholesterol) and high-density lipoproteins (HDL Cholesterol) is important for cardiovascular health. LDL is the bad cholesterol while HDL is the good cholesterol. Gingers effect on LDL cholesterol us where it gets interesting. In a study ginger was able to lower the amount of LDL cholesterol in the subjects which helps decrease the risk of heart disease in the future. ginger-health-benefits9

The effects of ginger on cholesterol were similarly potent to the effects of modern cholesterol lowering drugs. ginger-health-benefits10


Ginger And Reduced Cancer Risk

As cancer rates rise world wide it’s important to get enough antioxidants and nutrients in your daily diet to decrease risks of such diseases. Antioxidants are a great way to fight off and quench oxidative stress from the environment as well as from inside the body that we face daily.

Cancer has many causes but one of these is free radicals that damage DNA in the body from oxidation. 

Ginger has been found to have certain properties that could mitigate some kinds of cancer risks such as free radicals in the body. ginger-health-benefits11

Specifically 6-gingerol found in ginger seems to have beneficial effects on the body. In studies ginger was able to reduce pro-inflammatory molecules in the colon. Other regions of interest in future studies include pancreatic, breast, and ovarian. The potential of ginger is something to be researched further for cancer purposes. ginger-health-benefits11

A study in 2013, 20 participants who had a high risk of colon cancer were given 2 grams of ginger or a placebo for one month. After the trial period the study concluded that those who took the ginger daily had healthier colons and decreased colorectal cancer risk. ginger-health-benefits11


Ginger And Brain Health

The brain, like every other organ in the human body, slowly degrades with time and stops functioning as it once did. Age related diseases such as alzheimers come about through this decline.

Ginger has shown promising effects when it comes to brain health. The antioxidants reduce inflammation in the brain and help protect the cells from oxidized free radicals.

Stressers from the environment and inside the body such as the food you eat lead to more free radicals that age the body more rapidly which can lead to age related diseases.

Another study found ginger to have a more immediate benefit in the brain. The subjects taking ginger found improvements in memory and reaction times. ginger-health-benefits12 

Fight Bodily Infections

The postive effect of ginger on infections comes again from gingerol. Ginger is a potent anti-bacterial agent, preventing bacteria from multiplying and over taking the bodies defences. ginger-health-benefits13

Potential use for ginger could be fighting bad oral bacteria that can cause diseases like gingivitis (gum disease which can cause bad breath). ginger-health-benefits14 

Another potential use for ginger is fighting off respiratory infections. Taking ginger daily could help your body fight off attacks from many different bacteria. ginger-health-benefits15


Ginger For Flu And Cold

Many different herbs can help your body prevent or get through a cold or flu quicker than it would otherwise. Ginger seems to be one of these beneficial roots.

In a 2013 study the effect of ginger on respiratory viruses was observed. The results showed that fresh ginger may be able to aid the respiratory system in fighting off viruses. Although the dried ginger in the study did not provide the same positive results. ginger-health-benefits15


A poll taken with 300 pharmacy customers inquired on the most popular cold and flu remedy. 69% of the group turned to herbal remedies which they found useful with ginger being a main ingredient. ginger-health-benefits15



Ginger is a powerful addition to your diet. Add it to any recipes that call for this delicious spice that packs a powerhouse of nutrients. If you can’t get ginger daily in every meal (like most of us) look into dietary supplements that contain ginger. This will make it easy for you to get an adequate amount of this spice in your diet and to reap all the health benefits of ginger.


Here are some ways to get ginger in your diet



A smoothie is a great way to get fresh and nutrient packed foods in your diet the easy way. They take little time and if you make them right they turn out to be delicious and filling.

Check out this smoothie recipe we got from minimalist baker

With about 5 minutes in your day and only 5 ingredients you can make this healthy ginger and greens smoothie.

health benefits of ginger


1. lightly blend some ice to start. Then add in your ingredients (ginger, mango, peaches, kale, 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 1 cup of water.

2. Start blending all of the ingredients together on high until there are no more chunks. If the smoothie gets too thick add a little water at a time until it's a drinkable consistency. 

3. Taste the smoothie, if it's too sour feel free to add a little honey or any other natural sweetener you like.

4. Enjoy this fresh smoothie and keep leftovers covered in the fridge for up to 24 hours.




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