cbd cream for pain

Why This CBD Muscle Rub Will Change Your Life

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cbd cream for pain

cbd muscle rub cream pain

Can CBD products help treat muscle pain?

Muscle pain has been an issue for us all at some point in our lives and even more so as we get older. Although many pharmaceuticals have attempted to solve this dilemma with over the counter drugs there may be a more natural solution. This natural solution goes by the name of CBD. 

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non psychoactive chemical compound found in marijuana. cbd-muscle-rub1 

The main compound that marijuana is known for is THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for the high associated with cannabis. For those who needs the pain relief with out the high turn to CBD.

CBD comes from the marijuana leaf which used to be illegal in the united states until recently. With it's legality CBD is becoming more and more popular for treating muscle pain. You can find CBD in almost every kind of product now which can be beneficial but we are going to focus on the CBD rubbing cream as it seems to be a preferred choice by the public for muscle pain.

cbd muscle rubbing cream pain

Sore and painful muscles are the result of working out, stress, tension, or especially injury. Certain groups of people may be more at risk for muscle pains due to genetics or the kind of job they work.

Dealing with these muscle pains can sometimes be debilitating which is why it's good to find a natural solution like CBD rubs as they don't carry the negative side effects that certain pain medications do.

One of the best companies out there for creating these CBD pain relief rubbing creams is Quanta. The Quanta muscle rub comes down to an actual science. They study the effects of different CBD's and the quality of each kind for optimal pain relief effects in the body.

cbd muscle rub cream pain


Try all 3 of our Quanta CBD muscle rub products in one simple purchase. Are you a first-timer? Are you unsure which Quanta product works best for you? This sampler pack is the easiest and fastest way to decide which one of our 3 rubs is the perfect product for your needs. 

cbd cream for pain

cbd cream for pain


Included in this shipment is 1 Original Muscle Rub, 1 Sensitive Muscle Rub (formulated to be gentler on the senses) and 1 Muscle Rub Plus, formulated with polarized Arnica to produce a stronger, longer-lasting product. This is the perfect bundle pack if you are undecided on which product to choose, or to give away as gifts! 

Quanta CBD Muscle Rubs are premium natural products infused with CBD (Cannabidiol), arnica, turmeric, and a proprietary blend of essential oils for maximum anti-inflammatory relief. Packed with pain-fighting ingredients, our product works synergistically to increase circulation, ease aches and pains, and provide maximum relief, comfort, and overall well-being. This powerful, all-natural topical combines the best of science and nature, setting new expectations in pain relief.*

cbd cream for pain

Our customers commonly tell us they experience relief from: 

  • Muscle and Joint Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Muscle Spasms

  • Osteoporosis

  • Neuropathy Pain

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Piriformis Syndrome and more.

Never greasy, our Hemp CBD lightly scented herbal rub will change the way you think about topicals.*


* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All our products are all made with ZERO THC. There is no psychoactive effect from taking our products.


cbd cream for pain


Customer Reviews

Anna B.

The extra strength Quanta cbd muscle ointment offers me the relief from leg pain that was causing my mobility to be limited.

I also am very happy to have/ use the Menthol free ointment. The Menthol fragrance can be overwhelming to people around me particularly when attending social activities. Thank you for offering this formula.

Nadine C.

The cbd works well with arthritis.

Mikael S.

Never believed in lotions, oitments and other snake oil. But this cbd cream stuff WORKS!

Debra W.

Great cbd rubbing cream for healing muscle aches. Best I’ve used.

Eugene A.

I love all the quanta products. The regular strength 150mg feels great before workouts. The cbd cream very soothing on the muscles and prevents cramping while I train.

Vincent B.

When aching joints keep me awake at night, a single application of the cbd cream will quieten them down within a few minutes so I can get to sleep.

Blair O.

The cbd muscle rubbing cream for pain just works!






Eugene A.

Rest for the office!

I use it at work so others in the office don’t smell the menthol. I use the cbd muscle rub plus at home

Renee F.

Excellent cbd muscle rub Product!


cbd cream for pain


What are the benefits of CBD? Backed Evidence 

 cbd muscle pain rub cream

1. CBD can relieve pain

 Dating as far back as 2900 B.C. cannabis has been used to effectively treat pain.  cbd-muscle-rub1

More recently scientists have discovered that the human body has a system named the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is resposible for many different crucial functions in our bodies, functions like pain, sleep, immune system, and appetite. cbd-muscle-rub2

When endocannabinoids are created by our bodies these act as neurotransmitters that attach to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. 

Certain studies have shown that CBD can act almost in the same exact way by affecting the receptors in the brain reducing inflammation and pain. cbd-muscle-rub3


2. CBD could fight anxiety and depression

Many people in society suffer from anxiety and depression. These disorders are becoming a norm in today's stressful environments. Unfortunately these are not just feelings and can have very negative effects on your overall health.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has found depression to be the worlds leading disorder associated with disabilities and anxiety is close behind in 6th place. cbd-muscle-rub4


With the ability of CBD to effectively help treat anxiety and depression just as well as pharmaceutical drugs, it doesn't come with all the negative side effects.

Some side effects of pharmaceutical drugs include insomnia, sexual dysfunction, headaches, agitation, drowsiness and more. Luckily CBD seems to only be beneficial in this regard. cbd-muscle-rub5

CBD also doesn't have the same addictive substance abuse risk that some drugs like benzodiazepines have. cbd-muscle-rub6


CBD Dosage

In a study with 57 particpants it was found that there is a sweet spot when it comes to CBD dosages. The subjects that took a middle dosage of 300 mg of CBD ended up having less anxiety during the study versus the placebo group who took no CBD, and those who took 150 mg or 600 mg of CBD. cbd-muscle-rub7

Other studies concluded that CBD was even effective at treating anxiety and insomnia in children diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. cbd-muscle-rub8

In these animal studies CBD acted as an anti depressant showing that CBD may be a potential candidate at treating depression although more research in humans needs to be done. The results are promising though as CBD shows the ability to affect the nervous systems receptors producing serotonin which controls your mood. cbd-muscle-rub9

cbd muscle rub cream pain





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